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Trondheim well represented at ICCBR

Trondheim had a very good presence at this year’s Internation Conference on Case-based Reasoning (ICCBR). We managed six presentations.

Odd Erik Gundersen from Verdande Technology presented work on “An Analysis of Long Term Dependence and Case-Based Reasoning” in the workshop on “Reasoning About Time in Case-Based Reasoning (RATIC)”, which he also organised
Odd Erik Gundersen on long term dependence

Anders Kofod-Petersen (Telenor/IDI) presented “Case-Based Reasoning for Improving Traffic Flow in Urban Intersections”.
CBR for traffic lights

Pinar Öztürk presented “Intelligent Integration of Knowledge Sources for Textual Case Based Reasoning”.

Frode Sørmo from Verdande Technology gave a key note on “What I Talk About When I Talk About CBR”.
What Frode talks about when he talks about CBR

Kersti Bach from Verdande Technology presented “Automatic Case Capturing for Problematic Drilling Situations”.

Finally, Gleb Sizov presented work on “Acquisition and Reuse of Reasoning Knowledge from Textual Cases for Automated Analysis”
Gleb in action

As the icing on the cake, ICCBR will coming to Trondheim in 2016!
ICCBR coming to Trondheim

Gemini Center Talk Thursday March 20

Professor Héctor Muñoz-Avila, from Lehigh University in the US, is now spending part of his sabbatical here at IDI. In the AI group. His research covers several areas, and he is especially well known for his work on combining case-based reasoning with other machine learning and problem solving methods, particularly applied to planning problems and games. Hector will give a talk on Thursday this week:

Time: Thursday 20th, 12.15
Place: Room 454
Speaker: Héctor Muñoz-Avila
Title: Goal-Driven Autonomy; Reflective learning for Real-Time
Strategy Games

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Big Data Meetup on Case-based reasoning

Wednesday the 13th of November, the Department of Computer and Information Science, the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society and the GEMINI Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence are happy to host the second meeting in Trondheim Big Data.

The meeting will include:

The meeting starts at 18:00 in ITV 454.