Telecom, Big Data, and AI: there’s plenty of room in the middle — Gemini Lecture, June 20th

The last Gemini Lecture before the summer will be on Big Data and AI in a Telecom context. Geoffrey Canright, program director at Telenor Research will give a talk on: “Telecom, Big Data, and AI: there’s plenty of room in the middle”.

Geoffrey Canright works on analysis of network patterns, in particular for social graphs in a context of telecommunication. His work includes, among other accelerating internet growth using viral spread; searching and navigating in documents for personal search engines; and analysis of communication patters. Canright has a background from psychology and statistical physics, and more that 13 years of experience in the telecommunication sector.

The lecture will be held Friday June 20th at 10.30 – 11.30 in Room 454 at the department of computer and information science (IDI), NTNU.

Time: Friday, June 20th, 10.30-11.30
Place: Room 454
Speaker: Geoffrey Canright
Title: Telecom, Big Data, and AI: there’s plenty of room in the middle

Gemini Center Talk Thursday March 20

Professor Héctor Muñoz-Avila, from Lehigh University in the US, is now spending part of his sabbatical here at IDI. In the AI group. His research covers several areas, and he is especially well known for his work on combining case-based reasoning with other machine learning and problem solving methods, particularly applied to planning problems and games. Hector will give a talk on Thursday this week:

Time: Thursday 20th, 12.15
Place: Room 454
Speaker: Héctor Muñoz-Avila
Title: Goal-Driven Autonomy; Reflective learning for Real-Time
Strategy Games

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Gemini Centre Lecture by Sigve Dreyer

Sigve Dreyer will, as part of his master of science work talk about Evolutionary Feature Selection. His work has been motivated by increasing data-dimensionality and the need to construct simple induction models. He will discuss his work on how to construct an abstract feature selection algorithm capable of using many different wrappers, and how it is tested on a wide range of datasets, revealing both it’s abilities and problems.

This lecture will take place in room 454, Friday February 28th at 12:00. The talk will last for about 30 min.

CHeap and Interchangable Robotic Platform

Members of our research group have been woring on designing a robotic platform that is freely available to anyone who want to build their own robots. The project, led by Professor Pauline Haddow, aims to make robots for swarm robotics that have an affordable price, are available to anyone and have a wide range of possibilities. More info about the project can be found in this recent article from our departments’ news, or at the ChIRP home page.

Gemin Centre Lecture by Sigve Hovda

Sigve Hovda will start as a PostDoc at IDI early 2014. Sigve has his PhD in statistics, and has been working at Verdande Technology doing pattern recognition on oil-well drilling data since 2008. He will give a gentle introduction to what he has been doing lately, more precisely on something he has called “Pseudometrics in kernel density estimation”.

This lecture will take place in room 354, Friday December 13th at 12:00. The talk will last for about 30 min.

Pizzas are served, so please tell Helge before Wednesday evening if you are attending (note that you have to fiddle around with the email address).

Big Data Meetup on Case-based reasoning

Wednesday the 13th of November, the Department of Computer and Information Science, the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society and the GEMINI Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence are happy to host the second meeting in Trondheim Big Data.

The meeting will include:

The meeting starts at 18:00 in ITV 454.

Gemini Centre lecture by Alla Sapronova

Alla Sapronova from Uni Research will give a lecture on Forecasting Modelling with ANN for Offshore Wind. The lecture will take place in room 454, Friday, November 1st at 12.00.


Data analysis and forecasting modelling is vitally important for many application. Among them an ongoing Norwegian initiative on developing technologies for offshore wind energy. Uni Research as NORCOWE partner focuses on the AI application for improving weather and energy yield forecast for both long and short time scales. During last three years several projects, both in the academic and the private sector, have been completed. The projects were based on Artificial Neural Network models of different kind: e.g. feed forward network, self-organizing map, etc. Two show cases will be presented in the proposed seminar.